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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Finally, my stats course is finished, completed nicely with a B as the final grade. A major accomplishment for me. And my fair isle is done. A picture to follow later. I'm still working on the Devon vest with fair isle but it's giving me fits so I've put it away for now. Hopefully with the next week a break from grad school I can blow through some serious projects. Next quarter is research design and group dynamics so I don't know how much free time I'll have. On top of that I'm back to the gym to shed the pounds gained since I've been non smoking for 8 MONTHS. Congrats to me.

A nice side bar, my neighbor (townhouse) has gotten 2 bassett hounds, cute as can be, but they are out ide all of the time and bark all of the time. It's driving me crazy. Of course I can't stop complaining and everyone says I should say something but it's kind of uncomofortbale to say hey your dogs are annoying me. Esp. when I might get the same words back about mine. Anyway just wanted to bitch some more about the musical bassetts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stitching Madness

Here it is...okay the project is not done yet. I still have the neck to do but the fancy fair isle is finished. I learned a lesson. Never stay up until 2 in the moring working on my knitting. I worked the fair isle diamond part until 2 in the morning on friday and spent 6 hours saturday UNKNITTING what I had done. Not fun to do with mohair. End result is beautiful I can't wait to wear it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Delightful Dazzle

This beautful dog is Dazzle, her sister was previously posed in the snow picture. I'm still learning how to take portrait picture of my pets. I have a problem with the glowing eyes. She always sits with her legs crossed. She's a lab/shepard 3 years old and she is more my husband's dog. She and her sister are such twins that the only way anyone can tell them apart is by the collar. Red for Raz and purple for Dazzle. My Mom actually named them. We got them as puppies and wanted to name them name them somthing that would go together so she came up with Razzle and Dazzle. Of course they could not tell the difference when we called them so Razzle was shortened to Raz. As many headaches s they bring to me they are two great dogs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

As you can see we got a lot of snow. This is Raz leaping through the snow as if she will uncover the greatest prize buried beneath. I think officially we got 18 inches and it was great knitting weather except by the time my husband and I got done digging out I did not have much energy for knitting. Instead it became a lazy movie day which can be just as good. I am very busy finishing up my Stats course so posting will be slim.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Works in Progress

Here are my many, many , many works in progress. Enjoy the colors...................

This is the yarn I've chosen for my first sock. I'm using the training sock pattern from Knitty we'll see how it goes.
The Manos Block blanket. This project is a block of the month knit along at the LYS. Each of the 12 blocks will be a different pattern and a different color. The yarn is Manos of Uraguray. The women of this country hand spin and hand dye the yarn and a non-profit sells the yarn allowing the women to make money in a country that due to it's isolation makes it very difficult or them to make money.

The french market bag from

This is a true Fair Isle from Knitting the Classics Love the more sleeve to go before I start the Fair Isle

This is the Jo Sharp (Gathering) Devon vest with some beautiful fair isle stitch. My color palatte is different than in the book and I'm using a 80/20 cotton wool.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics Cast On

Well, here I am casting on at 8:00, the start of the opening ceremony. It is the poncho with the Rowan Ribbion twist. I've already had to rip it out and start again. Hope this doesn't mean I'm disqualified already. Good luck to you all!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

C is for circular

This is my first post for the ABC-along group. C is for circular, it's amazing how many circular needles I have collected and I've only beeen knitting for just over 2 months. Several needles are missing because they are loaded up with current projects. Currently I've got the Devon vest from Jo Sharp, picture from pattern in the next post, still going strong with my Manos block blanket, thanks to my friend Heidi I have started the "french market bag" which when felted should be great for a knitting tote (as if I need another), and I'm finishing the first sleeve for my fair isle sweater, the body is done and waiting to be attached. It's being knitted in yummy classic elite mohair yarn with delicious colors. My C post should have been my collection of Current projects. So much knitting and somewhere in there I'm suppose to start my socks on friday for the knitting olympics. AHHHH, think I've taken on too much? Must run now much knitting to do!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


As I was perusing the blogs on my daily read I discovered that I have been tagged so here goes:

Four jobs in your life:
page at the library
veterinary technician
pet behavior counselor (still doing it and will share many funny stories with the names changed of course)

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Steel Magnolias
American President

Four places you have lived:
Would like to move to the south

Four places you've been on vacation:
Ocean City Maryland
Disney World
various ski resort
Deep Creek Lake

Four websites you visit daily:
email addresses
cnn and msnbc
knitty coffeeshop
Walden University

Four of your favorite foods:
Chinese Food
Various Pasta

Four places you'd rather be right now:
Knitting of course

Four bloggers you are tagging :
Since I'm new to this those of you that enjoy my're tagged