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Thursday, September 28, 2006

catching up

This week has been so busy, this is the first time I've had a chance to post. I made some stitch markers over the weekend. They look ok but I don't think this is a new hobby I'll be taking up.

The boys visited last night while their parents went to dinner. We did lots of coloring and played Candyland. It was a good thing I didn't remember the rules because they don't play the game by the rules yet. It's lots more fun to jump the squares to whatever color you want!
This adorable picture is from, Not one of my kitties but don't you all think we need to knit this for our cats!

Friday, September 22, 2006


It would seem that Dazzle has a staph infection. Since she is immune compromised due to the meds she is on her body couldn't fight the bacteria that is normally dormant on the body. She's on antibiotics for about 3 weeks but at least she and her sister can be together. Since this has happened Dazzle is eating dirt like a crazy woman. There is no shortage of dirt in our backyard so now she is also on vitamin supplements. It never ends. Thanks to everyone who has shared their concern for Dazzle.

Monday, September 18, 2006

it never ends

I suppose you all figured that Dazzle was doing better and yes that's kind of true. Her IBD/colitis has been stable since the new drugs and new food. But we now have new problem. She went to the vet's Friday for what looked like a hot spot. It turns out it is either a fungal infection or staph infection. So now she is on antibiotics, anti-fungal ointment, and shampoo. Poor thing she can never catch a break. The worse part is that she and Raz have to be separated until we find out if it is contagious.

In knitting news I have statred another project. This is my Grey's KAL project, yes I cheated and started early. I have never seen the show before so I spent Sunday watching the entire first season. So I figured the best plan of action was to go ahead and start the project. It is a open, lace work, pullover with a peplum and bell sleeves from Vogue Fall 2005 issue. I'm working it up in Alpaca Regal in a ruby red. Those interested check out the KAL blog for updates. I'm still waiting for the Harding yarn for the cable sweater and of course I still have socks going. My aunt's afghan is almost finished, only 3 more blocks to go.

Friday, September 15, 2006

elegant cables

My LYS is having a cable challenge KAL. I am going to be using this Lousia Harding Yarn called Grace a 50/50 silk wool blend.

to make this elegant cabled sweater

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

anatomy & a KAL

I have added yet another thing to my plate that is already full. I joined up with Melissa's new KAL. You can get the details here but basically you knit along to this season of Grey's Anatomy. I have yet to see this show but have needed an excuse to add it to the DVR queue. I plan to spend time this weekend getting caught up on the first 2 season's. Not sure what my project will be but I do have christmas gift to get started on!

Monday, September 11, 2006

all good things end

Just love the new doormat..I had to explain to darling husband why we have a sheep doormat!
Finished socks, Claudia Handpainted, rib pattern, Raz looks so disinterested
Flowers from the new garden
Yellow, Peace Rose

Pink, hybrid tea rose

Purple, heirloom rose

Finished socks, finshed garden..upgrading from soup to spagetti....and back to work...enjoy the week!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

vacation end

The vacation/sick leave has one more day left. back to work Monday. Int he meantime more gardens to mulch Sunday morning then I'll be busy making goulash and chilli. The kitties spent some time relaxing (I've never seen Thomas and lIbby snuggle like this)

My niece got me a get well soon balloon which Jackson quickly took over so we hooked it to him. Before everyone screams he does not swallow the ribbon and this provides hours.... okay minutes of playtime. Before long he does chew through the ribbon and then
he is left jumping for the ribbon..he has given up for the moment

The last package from my secret pal arrived this past week. This exchange has been a lot of fun...lots of surprises in the mail. I'm thinking a fun spring scarf is waiting to be knitted up with these goodies. Thank you very much secret pal for all of the goodies

Friday, September 08, 2006

more labor day madness

These two boys were my little helpers this past weekend. They are my twin nephews, Dominic and Noah. We played pac man and watched Star Wars. Once they saw the camera all they wanted to do was pose. Two little hams!

Here is the new rose garden, I added a heirloom, kennedy, peace, and dior rose. We will be putting in the mulch this afternoon
The dior rose is already blooming!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

labor day weekend

We finally have a fence for the dogs. They are loving the run of the backyard without being on a leash. I have more pictures to post but blogger is giving me fits.
My surgery yesterday went well. I'm pretty sore today but at least I get to lots of ice cream without any guilt. I've also been eating soup. I made chicken noodle over the weekend and to give me some variety Maggie is bringing me beef vegetable! Hopefully I'll be posting pictures of my newly up-dated rose garden. I've added lavendar, red, yellow, and white. We made the garden larger and put up landscape block. Zach should be putting in the mulch today so more pictures later.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Action Jackson

Jackson was tagged by Chaos.

5 weird things about myself:

1. My affectionate "human" nickname is FAT BASTARD
...I'm not heavy just husky

2. I love to eat small children..they are tasty

3. I have a wonderful godfather..Uncle Matt

4. I snore when sleeping

5. I love to like Pepsi cans.