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Monday, January 30, 2006


I'm sure those of you that have husbands or live with someone you will appreciate what happened to me. Totally unrelated to knitting except that it cut into my afternoon of knitting, I fell victim to another great foopah of my husband. Coming home today there was an odd smell, I took both of the dogs for a walk and when I returned home I noticed Raz (one of the dogs) sniffing around the freezer in the kitchen. Of course I'm now searching the kitchen for the source of the smell. It's not the trash (although that's what it smells like) and it's not comign from the fridge/freezer. I have seen the dogs and cats sniffing around the deep freezer the last couple of days so I figure that there must be toy under it. As I approach the freezer and shoo the dog away I realize the smell is coming from the freezer. I open it up .............and...............EVERYTHING is thawed and the smell is that of a trash dump. Of course I had tons of spagetti sauce, beef stew, roast, chicken, etc packed in there. Gagging I clean it up and call my husband as I am scrubbing away. We conclude that the freezer must have gone kaput. As I pull the freezer out of it's cubby (it's under the counter) I notice that the freezer is not plugged in. Oh, it dawns on me, my husband in his infinite wisdom had his power tools plugged in the previous weekend so he could do me a FAVOR by installing a new doorknob. HE unplugged the freezer and never bothered to check that it was okay to unplug this, never thought to check that it might be something importnat that he unplugged. The freezer is now airing out and many yankee candles are lit, except for a wiff every now and then the smell is gone. I better be getting a HUGE bunch of flowers tonight. I had plans on knitting this afternoon, not smelling rotten meat and cleaning up yet another mess left by husband. Marriage is bliss right???

On another note I am waiting to hear about my acceptance to the knitting olympics, my goal are socks, something I've never done. Check back soon for pictures. I've added a link to Etsy, it's like a ebay for crafters. I've listed some of my work uder my shop Amy's Creations.


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