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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

looky here

I am so pleased how this turned out..very Jackie O. if you ask me. The pattern is from Paintbox Knits and I made some adjustments (it was suppose to have flowers coming out of the pocket and a tie at the top) I used the cutest lamb button & crochet loop, and instead of the stitched on flowers, trimmed the pocket and the sleeves in the green. The stitch is moss or double seed and it was so easy. The yarn is Madrid (5 pink, 1 green). This is for my niece, also godchild maybe I'll make it to some of the other little girls that join our family as well.

After looking at this creation Jackson says he promises not to bite her anymore!


  • At 14/6/06, Blogger me, Mavis said…

    Your little sweater is so charming! I love the combination of colors and the great texture from the moss stitch. GOOD JOB! (What yarn did you use?)

  • At 14/6/06, Blogger KSD said…

    Jackson deserves a Chanel/Jackie O jacket, don't you think?

  • At 16/6/06, Anonymous Angel said…

    She is going to look so cute in that beautiful sweater!!! Hope you take a picture.


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