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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

cozy afghan

I finished this in record time. I started this afghan, Manos yarn it's the fall block pattern, in the beginning of August and finshed this weekend. I will be putting a crochet fringe on it and then I'm giving it to my Aunt at Thanksgiving. She is also my husband's godmother and is very special to me. She has always treated me more like a daughter in law and has been wonderful to both myself and my husband. I think she'll love it.

This post has been a long time coming becasue I am insanely busy at work and with school. I have huge things are working coming up and starting my thesis for my masters. YIKES! Start to throw in the holidays coming up and I think I'm going to go crazy. I did join a swap thatIi think will be great fun. Only 1 gift exchange and its' the Knitter's Coffee Swap. I love coffee and with these cool days starting this will be perfect. Other great news is that I have lost almost all of my 'quit smoking' weight. A grand total of 15 lbs, I still would like to drop another 10.


  • At 31/10/06, Blogger Prof. Knitwit said…

    The afghan is totally gorgeous - love the fall colors! Congrats on getting in the coffee swap! It should be a ton of fun. Also, congrats on the weight loss. That is a huge accomplishment!!!

  • At 31/10/06, Blogger irishmama said…

    I love it, and the colors are great.

  • At 31/10/06, Blogger Larjmarj said…

    Really nice work and LOVE the colors!

  • At 1/11/06, Anonymous Karen said…

    So cool about your weight loss, and even cooler that you quit smoking! (Silly me, I didn't know...)

  • At 3/11/06, Blogger Shelley said…

    The afghan looks great! Congrats on losing the weight and quitting smoking!


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