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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Works in Progress

Here are my many, many , many works in progress. Enjoy the colors...................

This is the yarn I've chosen for my first sock. I'm using the training sock pattern from Knitty we'll see how it goes.
The Manos Block blanket. This project is a block of the month knit along at the LYS. Each of the 12 blocks will be a different pattern and a different color. The yarn is Manos of Uraguray. The women of this country hand spin and hand dye the yarn and a non-profit sells the yarn allowing the women to make money in a country that due to it's isolation makes it very difficult or them to make money.

The french market bag from

This is a true Fair Isle from Knitting the Classics Love the more sleeve to go before I start the Fair Isle

This is the Jo Sharp (Gathering) Devon vest with some beautiful fair isle stitch. My color palatte is different than in the book and I'm using a 80/20 cotton wool.


  • At 12/2/06, Anonymous heidi said…

    busy girl!

  • At 13/2/06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't know how you keep track of it all. you have come a long way and I am very happy for you.Angel.


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