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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

blog changes and catch up

As you can now see I have been playing around with blogger, should be working on my paper. I know have an avatar on my profile which actually really looks like a cartoon verison of me. I have also added my list of WIP and a gallery of finished projects via flickr. I'm still adding pictures so be sure to check back.

I dug the holes for my roses and they are currently "heeling" so I can plant them this afternoon. This was suppose to be a simple project but now my husband is involved and we have to make a whole garden complete with landscape stones. In the end it will look nice but it started out with simple roses. Of course I probably won't see any flowers until next year or maybe even after, I will post a pic of the updated garden zone tomorrow though.

Dazzle is doing well for those interetested, she loves her chicken and brown rice and so far no problems with the new meds. Her sister is pouting about the food though. She lays mournfully by the bowl when Dazzle is done and licks the crumbs. Poor thing.


  • At 2/5/06, Blogger Polly said…

    HI Your SP8 hostess here, I kill everything, but now at least I live in a desert so I have an excuse not to try!


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