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Monday, August 07, 2006

busy busy

My weekend was so busy. I don't even have the energy to organize the pictures. As you all know went to the Aquarium on Thursday, the a crab feast on Friday, then to Washington DC for the zoo and some museums. Sadly the big cat section was closed and there was only 1 gorilla that we saw. They are my favorite part of the zoo and I was saddend to hear that 2 of them recently died. Saw the baby panda Tai Shan and other cuties, the orangatuans were climbing the o line, saw beautiful art at the Freer Gallery and was bored to death at the Air & Space museum. I'll get pictures uploaded to a photo site for viewing pleasure. Knitting news..I finally finshed my Jo Sharp tank. I turned the heel and did the gusset on the rainbow 2 on 2 socks but I had to take one of them off the needles. I could not figure out how to turn the heel and pickup the stitches with them both on the needles.


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