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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

macro shot

I've been playing with my camera, trying to get nice shots like everyone else has and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I tried using the macro setting but it was blurry. Ah Ha, you must hold the camera very still and my hands were to shaky. I propped up the camera and tried it. In the last post I tried it with the yarn and then with a live animal. Jackson is the perfect model, he loves to have his picture taken. I love the way everything else in the shot is slightly out of focus and he isn't. I snapped the picture just as he looked away so no glowing eyes either. A while back I submitted his picture for the ASPCA calendar contest.. I think this one would have been much better


  • At 2/8/06, Blogger Melissa said…

    He looks so cute!! :)

  • At 2/8/06, Blogger Kelly said…

    Hello Jackson! *gives head a rub*

  • At 2/8/06, Blogger irishmama said…

    Jackson is definetly a poser.

  • At 2/8/06, Blogger Chris said…

    Hi, Jackson!

    I got a mini-tripod to use for macro shots or for "no flash" shots (to reduce kitty eye glow). And I always shoots in sports mode, which helps reduce blurriness even more.

  • At 3/8/06, Anonymous Dipsy D. said…

    Ah, cameras with macros are sooo great! I really love that pic you did of your little furry one, he looks like a perfect model on it! So cute!


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