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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

F is for.....Fabulously Finished First Sock

My first sock, not the best picture, my husband is still learning the finer points of our new camera. But I most say a rather fine looking sock and I was carefully not to show any skin :) You can almost make out that I did the eye of partridge as my heel stitch.
At any rate, the next sock is almost finshed I'm doing the toe shaping now. My husband's sock is coming along, once he tried them on I was sad to see that the width of his leg sucked up the entire progress I had made on the sock so I must knit as much as I already have to make the length correct before beginning the heel stitch. I was miserably at the dentist yesterday having my teeth scraped, my head is very stuffy from allergies and a cold so the nitrous mask was not working as it should and my teeth are still sore today. Despite all of the whinning I accomplished much on the knitting front with my day off.


  • At 22/3/06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wonderful job, beautiful sock!!
    Can't wait to see the next pair!

  • At 22/3/06, Blogger Kelly said…

    loving this sock too! Those would be great for next months project spectrum


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