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Monday, March 06, 2006

Yarn Cake

Yummy yarn cake is all I can say. This is the makings of my next project, already started of course. It's suppose to be a poncho that I am making for my Easter outfit but I am sure I will not be able to resit weraing it before. The yarns is mosty Crystal Palace including squiggle, splash, ribbon, fizz, eyelash and more. The idea started because of the party poncho designed by Sally Melville that was publish in akit mag, the pattern is written so that the poncho is made working 7 novelty yanrs as scarf strips then crochet them together. A woman at the LYS designed her own pattern of a poncho that is worked on circulars top-down and she made one using 7 different novelty yarns and it looked so good on me I had to make own. Small fortune later YARN CAKE and I can wait to finish it. Other news DH and I are going on a relaxing lake trip early June so I must plan for knitting projects to take along. I'm thinking about some tank tops but nothing too challenging since I will be away from civilization and a yarn shop when a pattern crisis occurs. I don't even think we will have access to the internet up in the mountains. School has started again, no rest for the weary.


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