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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Readers Review

Since I don't have any new knitting pictures to print I figured I'd devote some time to my other passion, reading. Which has beeen on the side burner since knitting took over. I finshed Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver and I loved it. Highly recommend it, the humor was down to earth and funny and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Pigs in Heaven (I ordered from the audio CD verison for only 5 dollars!). I'm almost finshed Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd also very good and very hard to put down. Up next on the mp3 is Prodigal Summer, Barabara Kingsolver as well as Mermaid Chair, Sue Monk Kidd (do we see a pattern here). I just gave as a gift Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Lisa See. If you have not read this book go out an buy it NOW and share it with every girlfriend, mother and sister. By far one of the best books I have ever read. The writing is excellent and the story so moving. You will feel as is you are part of the intimate details of the lives of the women in the story, as if you got their diary and are reading it. Her other books are great too but are more intrigue/mystery style. I finally have my husband reading more than magazines, he has Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire on audio and both of us are going to be fighting over Marley and Me.

That brings me to the next part, nothing about knitting. Dazzle, my dog that was featured under the D is for Dazzle, is sick. We have been battleing IBD (if you can believe a dog gets this) and the stress of the bassetts next dog has casued it to flare up and now it looks like on top of that she has a pancreatic enzyme defiencency. This means medication for the rest of her life but at least she will finally eat without her stomach hurting and she can enjoy her food. So now she is one a special diet called EVO, which is a raw diet of turkey, egg, herring and a bunch of veggies made into dry food, with fresh and cooked veggies made by me added to it. She gets carrots and broccoli as treats, no more dog biscuits, which she never ate anyhow. She can't have rawhides anymore either so this has finally given me the reason to pull out the food dehydrator that I HAD to have. She is going to have special rawhides of chicken and turkey jerky. Meanwhile her sister can still eat normal food with the exception that she has gone on a diet after weighing in at at almost 90 lbs, she's a lab mix that now has a tabletop for a back.

I have been accepted into Secret pal 8, I get my secret pal assigned in May, I can't wait. Next time I promise a knitting post. I just wanted to get something up before I lost the few readers I have!


  • At 30/3/06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh amy, don't worry your friends will look every day to see what is new, even if you don't post everyday. sorry to hear about dazzle, she is a special girl...with a special momma. good luck with the dehydrator. good knitting and good reading to you. I am working on yet another baby blanket and read a medical dictionary for fun...from Angel


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