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Thursday, August 10, 2006

flowers and socks

Look at the flowers Zach got for me last night.

The rainbow 2 on 2 circular socks are moving along pretty quick. I love the stripes on the heel.
Yet another photo slideshow this one is some macro shots of the roses in my garden and other flowers. I'm getting a tripod from my parents to work on some more photos. I'm really enjoying this macro feature especially with the flowers.


  • At 10/8/06, Blogger irishmama said…

    Love the color of the socks. The flowers are beautiful.

  • At 11/8/06, Blogger Kelly said…

    ohh I don't think I could handle two socks at once! They look great! What size needles are you using?

  • At 11/8/06, Blogger sgeddes said…

    The socks look great! I really like the brite colors. What yarn are you using?

  • At 11/8/06, Blogger Chris said…

    How sweet of him! I love the stripiness of sock heels (heel flaps).


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