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Monday, November 27, 2006

still here

What.... is this an actual post. Yes folks I am still here and still knitting. Things are just so busy. I have some finshed projects but haven't had the time to get pictures. Turkey day was good, the outside of the house is decorated and the tree hunting starts next weekend. I promise to get some pictures up by the end of the week for those readers that are still faithfully browsing past my blog. My coffee package for the knitter coffee swap is almost ready to go out. I am on a 1 week break from school so perhaps I won't be neglecting this blog so much. I'm trying to keep up with everyone's even if I haven't made a comment.


  • At 28/11/06, Blogger irishmama said…

    Enjoy your week off, glad you had a good Thanksgiving

  • At 29/11/06, Blogger Chris said…

    I had more fun putting together the coffee swap package than I did for any other swap in recent memory!


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