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Thursday, December 28, 2006

a knitter's christmas

It was a merry christmas indeed. I got some wonderful gifts, yummy candles, some new clothes, kitchen gadgets I wanted desperately and a cappuccino maker.

Two lovely friends gave me this book and I can't decide which project to begin with. There is a beautiful shawl that is based from a heaxagon that looks like it will be up first (8 balls of kid silk haze yikes!)
I got this wonderful kit from Unique Kolors by Colinette (mine is in shades of purple) that I had eyed since wearing the store model and not wanting to take it off.
And the yarn for this great bag (actually cash from Mom bought this goody bag!) I can't wait for the finshed project.
Knitting news is still more socks, vagabond poncho in manos, almost finshed the beautiful shawl in the last post.

The holiday weekend was so busy, I have finshed my PhD applications so everyone keep their fingers crossed for a letter from Johns Hokins in the new year. Big things at work, my first project begins next week. The family was over on christmas eve, close to 30 people but it was fun. I'll try to get pictures up this weekend.

Of course the dogs had to create chaos. 2 hours before people arrive Raz decides to eat half a pound of hershey kisses, with the wrapper! After an upset belly and about 2 gallons of water she was back to herself, I was pretty lucky.

Hope everyone's holidays went well and have a safe new year celebration!

Monday, December 11, 2006

coffee anyone

Finally a knitting project captured on camera. I have lots of FOs to post too but first thing is first. Thank you so much Kelly, the package arrived and they are perfect, sucha cute bag too. Check out Celtic Cast On Design for some wonderful hand made stitch markers. I can't show them now becasue they are a Christmas gift but she did a fantastic job.

This wonderful project is my new found joy. I love the shawl, probabaly was sold on the entire outfit since I have that same shirt and blue jeans of course. The pattern is from Blue Sky Alpaca, also featured in an ad in last Interweave Knits. The yarn I am using is Inca Alpaca from Classic Elite and seriously folks it's like butter. So smooth and soft, I have found a new fav yarn!

Jackons, handsome boy that he is, is gaurding one of the items that arrived today from my coffee swap partner. It's some lopi lite that is just dying to be knitted into a felted bowl, if Jackson will let me, he seems to have a fondness for licking lopi. Wool is too dangerous to the kitties for him to enjoy it though.
Here are the rest of the goodies in the package. Christmas blend Starbucks, coffee candy, dark choloate, notepad, a cute as can be kitty print jar opener, a wonderful dishcloth that actually has a cup of coffee knitted as a design. I'm not sure if she whipped this up but it is great and matches my kitchen! A big coffee mug, perfect for weekends and some coffee from a local coffee shop up her way, smells wonderful and bold, can't wait to brew the first pot.

This swap was so much fun I can't wait for it again. I'm also going to try and get into the next tea swap.

Monday, December 04, 2006

tis the season

Kiera, my niece, and I taking in all the tree excitement
Zach and the boys putting on the lights

finished , the tree in all it's glory